Claudia Dietrich, STYLE, „Carol Christian Poell, Atmosphäre und Gefühle aus einer Welt, die am Limit lebt“:
Wer in einer Boutique auf ein Kleidungsstück des österreichischen Designers Carol Christian Poell trifft, bekommt unweigerlich das Gefühl, einen grandiosen Fund gemacht zu haben. Zunächst besticht der ungewohnt experimentelle Stoff, der eine sensorische Verwunderung heraufbeschwört.Dann imponieren die provokante Form und das offensichtlich exquisite Schneiderhandwerk. Und schliesslich offenbart das Teil mit einer dezenten Unaufdringlichkeit seine symbiotische Verschmelzung von distinguierter Eleganz und verschmitztem Sex-Appeal.

KimHastreiter.jpg Kim Hastreiter, PAPER:
Carol Christian Poell is one of the few radical designers living in the very unradical city of Milan.

Gloria Maria Cappelletti, BOILER:
CCP’s signature performances like those staged at Milan’s public dog pound and butchery are often disturbing, unexpected and abstruse...In fact, he redefines fashion as more than just applied tailoring, while exposing it to the broader questions of ‚dressing up’ and it’s interactions with our inner vitality and deeper nature.... It is also a realization of beauty and a critique of contemporary society.
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GodfreyDeeny Godfrey Deeny, FWD, 01/07/2004,“ Carol Christian Poell gets ripped off“:
In what appears to be a sordid case of industrial espionage, the studio of designer Carol Christian Poell was robbed earlier this month, effectively preventing the designer from staging a menswear collection during this week’s Italian catwalk season.. they chose very selectively. They took my powerbood with six months of designs, ideas and fabric innovations, but they left the mouse.... Widely regarded as one of the most arresting and iconoclastic young designers around, Poell has developed a cult status in Milan for his inventive tailoring techniques and path-breaking shows.

Jason Campbell, GLOBAL FASHION TRENDS, Issue 19:
It’s in the enigmatic Carol Christian Poell – the fabled Austrian working out of Milan – that we seek out for the best menswear, tailoring, and textile. For nearly a decade Poell has kept diehard followers clad in his uncompromisingly designed clothing, heavy on experimental fabrics and so rigid in construction that his suit feel like elegant armor...

GAP MEN, summer 2003,“ Inimitable Creator CCP sticks it to the anti-fashion vision“:
Models and clothing were set adrift down Milano’s Naviglio canal in a Poell-style metaphore satirizing the mono-directional drift of to-day’s fashion industrie... There is an undeniable dignity to one man’s stubborn protests that what was once search of identity, La Moda, has been reduced to a formula...

THE NEW YORKER, july 2003, report on „Mainstream-Downstream“:
The Austrian, Carol Christian Poell, is an emaciated man of thirty-six with the stark features and eerie radiance of an El Greco.... Though the clothes were soggy and a little blurred, one read them like the hand colored images in some mildwed yet marvellous old book. Poell’s idea was so poetic that the magical buoyancy of bodies and clothes.. leapt the banks and infected the audience with a fit of joy..

Marie Pointurier, VOGUE, mars 2001,“ Code inconnu“:
Carol Christian Poell travaille le vêtement jusqu’à la perfection et raconte les frôlements de deux mondes, le masculin et le féminin.. Ses vêtements, d’une pureté énigmatique, assurent un style à part...La structure est masculine mais le traitement féminin. Rien à voir avec l’androgynie. Il s’agit bien plus ici de la découverte à posteriori, d’une nouvelle estétique féminine, personnelle et débarrassée de certaines évidences...

Selene Milano, NYLON, New York, „He’s so unusual“:
Poell clearly has something extreme to say about fashion.. Joseph Quartana, owner of Manhattan’s Seven Boutique, describes Poell’s clothing as basic with a twist. A big twist. The tailoring is really slim, sharp, and crisp, but slightly off-kilter so that it’s wearable while being interesting

lucyryderrichardson.jpg Lucy Ryder-Richardson, i-D, „What at first looks very traditional reveals itself as kooky, sometimes even kinky“:
It’s Poell’s experimentation with fabrics like oiled goatskin, mouldy or rusty pig-skin, knitted and transparent leather and silicon that pushes the boundaries of fashion.

Colette McGruder, SURFACE, „Poell Vault“:
Carol Christian Poell approaches womenswear with the sexual audacity of Mapplethorpe and the primal femininity of Clan of the Cave Bear. In his Fe-male 99-00 collection, he anoints textiles with bull’s blood and parchment oils, created to wheather and to distress with age.

CRASH, PARIS, „Organic atmosphère“, EP:
CCP se distingue par une approche très singulière des matériaux, explorant le cuir, scarifié et prédominant, le daim, la peau (tanné à blanc puis tissée), les cheveux, la résine.. A cela s’ajoute une fusion essentielle entre la maîtrise de lignes claires et la recherche impertinente sur des constructions qui laissent souvent perplexe tant elles repoussent les limites du possible.... Etrange magie du talent et de la sensibilité du timide Carol, styliste volontairement en marge dont l’univers laisse tout simplement rêveur.

MUG 2002, „Fabric is the message“:
Poell’s approach to fashion is the mark of an industrial designer rather than that of a fashion creator; his attention is mainly devoted to fabrics, as if they were the containers for forms and ideas, and the utterance of his inner self.... What the creator actually brings about is a decontextualization of old false conventions.. . Poell’s clothing and accessories have a precise aesthtic function and often point to daily changes that we pretend not to see although they affect our lives.

Fashion wire daily, New York / USA, "The Best of 2003":
Best Men’s fashion show - For fashion veterans tired of runways, Carol Christian Poell came staged 2003’s most inventive show. Models wearing his spring-summer 2004 collection floated down Naviglio Grande canal in Milan at sunset. “They will dry,” smiled the lanky Poell as his 17 models floated into sight from under a bridge.

armandhadida.jpg What's Up Interview: Armand Hadida by Future Design Days, Dec. 2006:
Name a designer/architect you appreciate? I love architects coming in to the fashion design business – breaking boundaries and collaborating are crucial in the creative process. But if I have to mention one it has to be Carol Christian Poell.

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